Alien Abduction

Alien Abduction Release Date: April 4, 2014

Watch the Alien Abuction trailer.

Alien Abuction release date is April 4, 2014.

In the movie Alien Abduction, from IFC Films, a vacationing family encounters an alien threat in this pulse-pounding

thriller based on the real life Brown Mountain Lights phenomenon in

North Carolina.

Alien Abduction Trailer

Starring: Walter PhelanJeff BowserJillian ClareDaniel CatonRiley PolanskiBen SharplesCorey EidKelley HinmanKatherine SigismundJordan TurchinZack MosleyPeter Holden
Genres: HorrorSci-FiThriller
Directed By: Matty Beckerman
Runtime: 85 minutes

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