Footnotes Release Date: July 14, 2017

Inspired by the films of Jacques Demy and Stanley Donen, the movie Footnotes is a whimsical musical comedy about Julie, a young woman struggling to make ends meet. Living out of a backpack, Julie spends her days jumping from job to job until she’s finally offered a temporary job at a women’s luxury shoe factory. After making friends with the spunky receptionist Sophie and the charming truck driver Samy, Julie thinks the hard times are behind her. But Julie’s dreams of stability collapse when management threatens to close the factory. As her group of female colleagues go on strike, Samy and the other truck drivers side with the company’s scheming CEO. Julie must choose whether to keep a low profile (and a shot at permanent employment) or to fight back on the picket line.

Footnotes Trailer

Starring: Pauline EtienneOlivier ChantreauJulie VictorVladimir GranovLaure Crochet-SernieclaesElodie EscarmelleNuch GrenetLoïc Corbery
Genres: ComedyMusical
Directed By: Paul CaloriKostia Testut
Runtime: 85 minutes
Studio: Monument Releasing
MPAA Rating Unrated